About Me

I am The ‘Burly’ photographer, as you might see in the photo above but my mum calls me Richard, I have very broad shoulders and used to be a prop-forward, which has left me looking ‘burly’.

I concentrate on shooting Burlesque shows and as I slowly become a world famous Burlesque photographer and because I have very broad shoulders I became the The Burly Photographer.

I want the people that I photograph to be able to rest their narrative on my broad shoulders and in relax in the knowledge that I have the strength, depth and breadth of experience to tell their story through my photographs. They also want to know that I am a ‘gentleman’ and the art of being The ‘Burly’ Photographer is the art of knowing how to behave at an event, in your office, at a portfolio shoot or show.

I shoot in black and white and in colour, each picture is chosen to give voice to the subject to give voice to the, sometimes, voiceless and to ensure that when you make your own history you have the images to tell the tall tales that you want to tell.

As The Burly Photographer I have shot beautiful images across the world, I have shot around Europe and am as comfortable taking pictures in the relaxed confines of an English country church, in the middle of the frenetic glitter of a burlesque show, in the calm meeting rooms of a corporate meeting and in between the protesting lines of a rolling demonstration.

I have shot in London, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York, Austin, Reading and Southend.  I shoot Burlesque shows, Boudoir and lots of other things besides, I have a nice sideline in riots and demos if you’re interested – You can see a lot of this work on the blog.

The Burly Photographer has been in business for about 5 years and I started my career shooting at an amazing Fringe Fest and have being building up my business ever since.

Don’t take my word for it, see what the amazing Tempest Rose, Burlesque royalty and CEO of the House of Burlesque, said about my work:

“Richard is a highly professional and friendly photographer, he does excellent work regularly at our Burlesque Idol shows at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”

If you are looking for someone who can produce fantastic images in the excitement of a venue, or produce portfolio pics that will sparkle, or amazing boudoir shoots – give me a call. You can contact me here.