Make your business shine!

Video and ‘Lifestyle” Photoshoot for Surrey businesses

You’re building up your business with passion and energy. You work your socks off everyday and wonder whether you’ll every show your business off and reach the right clients. You know that you need an amazing video and fantastic photos to promote your business on instagram, your website and the net but don’t have time and know that selfies won’t cut it.

This offer is for you.

I am a small business owner like you and I know your struggles and understand your passion.

Your struggle to be seen 

You want your Instagram feed to stand out

You want to be able to show the passion you put into your work

You want to have some powerful images or video to really showcase your business

Click here to see some of my most recent work.

The offer

I want to give you the chance to tell your story to the world – whether you are a “one man band” with huge ambitions or “mumpreneur” who is facing the world with a smile or a growing business with its first office.

What will you get?

A one hour video shoot and location photo-shoot in and around NW Surrey at your office, home or favourite place to show your customers what makes your business so special. The session will be tailored to your needs and ideal for your customers.

This is an example of one of the videos I produced for a small business

Lifestyle Profile Photo

10 amazing images of you, your product available in high res and web size for your website, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. At least one of the images will be a profile shot you can use on your personal LinkedIn page.

I’m Interested What’s the Cost

This amazing offer is only available to businesses that meet the strict criteria below. You will get a fortune in amazing images that can build your business on the web and in social media. The cost of the video and photo-shoot is £150 ONLY this covers shooting and processing.

Tricky Terms and Conditions

Your business must have less than 20 employees

The shoot must take place within 15 miles of Chertsey, Surrey

It will be a lifestyle shoot, not a boring studio shoot, and will be relaxed and personal like your business

I will be able to use the photos in my marketing